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Super Products Introduces Sewer Cleaner Wastewater Recycling System June 1st, 2016 Available exclusively on the Camel 1200 sewer cleaner, Super Products LLC’s wastewater recycling system features a six-stage water filtration process
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Supersucker Industrial Vacuum Loaders

The industry original Supersucker is ideal for bulk material cleanup, recovery and recycling required at industrial, agricultural and environmental settings. The product line also includes a cold weather model, the Arctic Supersucker .

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Durasucker Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Superior vacuum performance and solid construction makes the DOT-certified Durasucker liquid vacuum truck perfect for collecting and transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and semi-liquid waste.

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Camel Sewer & Catch Basin Cleaners

Offering 12 yard debris capacity, the Camel 1200 features capabilities to increase job site performance and operator convenience.  The Camel 900 is a 9-yard combination unit that offers dump body unloading.

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Mud Dog

Mud Dog Hydro Excavators

Utilizing an effective combination of high-pressure water and vacuum, the Mud Dog offers a safe and efficient method for potholing, daylighting, slot trenching, debris removal, exposing utilities, and cold weather digging.

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