The Supersucker®... makes the job easier.

Only Super Products offers the industy's original “Supersucker” vacuum truck. Perfect for a wide variety of industrial, environmental and agricultural cleaning projects, our single-mode, truck-mounted vacuum loader offers high power suction to pneumatically convey solids, liquids, sludges or slurries through lines 8" in diameter and smaller. 

The Supersucker Offers:

  • Single control panel set-up makes for a simple operation sequence that even the newest employees can quickly learn
  • Fast, simple unloading procedure makes debris removal easy
  • Low maintenance design including one-step filter cleaning system
  • Heavy-duty, rugged construction for long life and successful use in the most extreme conditions
  • Proven Track Record since debuting more than 38 years ago

Other Supersucker Models Available:

Supersucker – Arctic Model

Supersucker – High Dump Model

Supersucker – Rail Wheel Model

Supersucker – Pneumatic Unloading Model