Catch Basin Cleaning & Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities rely on intricate, and often aged underground and above-ground systems to direct wastewater and storm water safely and efficiently.  Efficient and well-functioning systems are critical to ensure a clean and sanitary environment in and around these systems, as well as in the communities they are in.  Whether addressing emergency situations or performing preventative maintenance such as routine cleaning, municipalities and contractors depend on catch basin cleaning and vacuuming equipment that is reliable, cost-effective, efficient, high-quality, and can respond to the needs of a variety of sewer and municipal water applications.

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities around the world on rely the effective operation of sanitary sewers. These intricate networks of underground pipes, pumps and lift stations requi [...]

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Water Treatment Plant Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning has a wide variety of applications in water treatment plants. It provides the ideal solution for cleaning grit chambers, sludge pits, bar screen [...]

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Municipal Water Departments

Vacuum cleaning has proven to be an optimal solution to meet municipal water departments’ needs for clearing out areas prior to fixing or replacing water main b [...]

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General Cleaning & Washing

A number of cleaning and washing tasks including sign washing and street cleaning can be done cost-effectively and efficiently with high pressure water and vacu [...]

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Storm Drain Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning storm sewer lines, catch basins, lift stations, and culverts ensures effective water flow. Vacuum cleaning is a cost effective method of removin [...]

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Hydro Excavation

While dedicated hydro excavation equipment is ideal for applications that only require soil excavation and evacuation, vacuum cleaning systems can be equipped w [...]

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