General Cleaning & Washing

Leaf Removal & General Cleaning Application

A number of cleaning and washing tasks, including sign washing and street cleaning, can be done efficiently and cost-effectively with high-pressure water and vacuum systems, often used for cleaning sewers and catch basins, making them versatile and efficient cleaning systems that are assets to the municipalities and contractors that rely on them.

Super Products’ Camel® Maxxx Sewer & Catch Basin Cleaners, using their high-pressure water systems and fresh or recycled water supplies, can be efficiently used to accomplish many cleaning tasks with ease.  Our units are not just great sewer and catch basin cleaning units, but also double as pressure washers (much more powerful than conventional pressure washers) to accomplish virtually any high-pressure cleaning and/or washing task, without extra, sometimes cumbersome equipment that won’t produce the results that the Camel® Maxxx will.