Municipal Water Departments

Water Main Repair Application

Vacuum cleaning has proven to be an optimal solution for various applications utilized by municipal water departments, such as area cleanup prior to fixing or replacing water mains and fire hydrants, and cleaning valve boxes.

Industrial vacuum cleaners like Super Products’ Camel® Maxxx sewer & catch basin cleaners provide a fast, safe, and cost-effective way to remove material via vacuum without requiring a backhoe or other traditional digging equipment to excavate the site.  This provides a quick and safe solution in emergency situations where time is of the essence, such as fixing water main breaks or replacing fire hydrants, without the need for mechanical digging equipment or excavation.

The Camel® Maxxx’s debris body compaction and dewatering system uses a hydraulic-powered plate inside the debris body to compact debris to remove and separate nearly all water content, and dispose of the water out of its own disposal hose.  This same hydraulic-powered plate removes the solid debris from the debris body.  This system allows for greater collection of debris on each trip and also results in a drier, lighter load to be conveyed to the dumpsite.

Cleaning and vacuuming large particles of high density material through the 8” diameter suction tube makes the Camel® Maxxx ideal for all municipal water department applications.