Municipal Water Departments

Vacuum cleaning has proven to be an optimal solution to meet municipal water departments’ needs for clearing out areas prior to fixing or replacing water main breaks and fire hydrants, and cleaning valve boxes.

Vacuum cleaners like Super Products’ Camel sewer and catch basin cleaner provide a fast and safe way to remove material by vacuum without the need to call in a backhole to excavate the site. This provides a quick and safe solution in emergency calls to fix water main breaks or in replacing fire hydrants without machines/excavation.

A dewatering system allows operators to compress the material in the debris body, removing water. This allows greater collection of debris on each trip and also results in a drier, lighter load to be conveyed to the dumpsite. Along with the standard tip-to-dump unloading system (with its 50-degree dump angle), the Camel can also be equipped with a hydraulically operated ejector plate system that empties the contents without elevating the body.

Cleaning and vacuuming large particles of high density material through the 8″ diameter suction tube makes the Camel ideal for municipal water department applications.