Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Application

Municipalities around the world rely on intricate, and often aged underground and above-ground systems to direct wastewater and storm water safely and efficiently.  These intricate networks of underground pipes, pumps, and lift stations require constant, ongoing cleaning to ensure effective performance.

Vacuum cleaning and pressure washing equipment specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of sanitary sewer cleaning applications ensures that pipes, pumps, lift stations, etc. are well maintained.  Vacuum cleaning and pressure washing is also an ideal way to prepare new systems for television inspections.

Vacuum cleaners like Super Products’ Camel® Maxxx sewer & catch basin cleaners provide a fast and safe solution for sanitary sewer cleaning.  It quickly cleans sanitary sewer lines using high-pressure water while simultaneously vacuuming backflushed debris and water from the catch basin or manhole into the enclosed and sealed collector body on the self-contained sewer and catch basin cleaner unit.

A hydraulic plate-operated dewatering system allows operators to compress the material in the debris body, removing water content.  This allows greater collection of debris on each trip and also results in a lighter, drier load to be conveyed to the dumpsite, saving fuel and operational costs. Along with the standard tip-to-dump unloading system (with its 50-degree dump angle), the Camel® Maxxx can also be equipped with a hydraulically operated ejector plate system that empties the contents without elevating the body.

Cleaning sanitary sewer lines with high pressure water and vacuuming large particles of high density material through the 8″ diameter suction tube makes the Camel® Maxxx ideal for sanitary sewer cleaning.