Cold Weather Digging

Cold Weather Digging Application

Unlike traditional or manual digging, cold weather is not a deterrent for hydro excavation, as hydro excavation trucks are equipped with truck-mounted heaters, and use pressurized, heated water to excavate frozen soil with ease. Hydro excavation also requires no ground thawing prior to excavation, eliminating the need for environmentally-unsafe thawing methods that use wood and coal for burning.

Since Super Products’ Mud Dog® hydro excavators have truck-mounted heaters that dispense heated, pressurized water, they are able to excavate frozen earth through any depth of ground frost, significantly reducing digging time, eliminating damage to traditional digging equipment due to frozen soil conditions, while eliminating noxious emissions and fire hazards inherent with other thawing methods.

Even with frozen soil conditions, hydro excavation still allows for precise digging, making applications that use hydro excavation possible in the colder months, such as utility location & exposure, potholing or daylighting, and slot trenching.