Debris Removal

Debris Removal Application

Hydro Excavation is the ideal cost-effective, safe, and quick method for removing debris and cleaning out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area or any equipment because it is a precise, non-destructive process that uses no mechanical equipment that directly interacts with the work area and creates additional debris to be cleaned up, wasting time, resources and money.  Hydro excavation is also an effective solution for other cleanup applications such as catch basin cleaning, sludge removal, and spill cleanup.

Due to the precision and non-destructive nature of hydro excavation, debris can be removed without causing damage or destruction to the surrounding area.  Hydro excavation can also be done remotely, and is ideal for removing debris from small, tight, and sensitive areas, without damaging or destroying them.

Super Products’ Mud Dog® hydro excavators remove debris using a unique combination of water pressure and vacuum, combined in one self-contained, mobile unit.  Water is pressurized and injected into the area containing the debris through a handheld wand.  The resulting slurry is immediately vacuumed from the excavation site through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank in the self-contained, mobile unit, eliminating the requirement for additional equipment.

Unique to Super Products’ Mud Dog® Hydro Excavators, air excavation is also possible with the addition of the Mud Dog’s Water or Air Excavation option.  This is ideal for more sensitive debris removal applications where any sort of water introduction would be counterproductive or damaging.