• High pressure water breaks up solids and materials
  • Effective in any soil condition
  • In most cases, displaced soil needs to be removed for disposal
  • In most conditions, excavating is faster
  • Relatively clean – No dust control issues


  • Compressed air breaks up soils and materials
  • Most effective in less compacted soils
  • Displaced soils can be used as backfill
  • Overall productivity can increase – no need to leave the dig site to refill water or dump soils
  • Can be messy – produces fair amount of dust

Mud Dog®

Vacuum System

  • 8″ (20.3cm) positive displacement vacuum system offers 5800 cfm/28″ hg (9854 m3/hr/0.95 bar)

Boom System

  • 8′ (2.4m) telescoping boom with 19′ to 27′ (5.5m to 8.2 m) reach
  • 335 degree boom rotation with heavy-duty rubber elbow
  • 45 degree upward and 25 degree downward boom pivot

Debris Body

  • Mud Dog® 1200:  12 cu yd (9.1 m3) debris collector body
  • Mud Dog® 1600:  16 cu yd (12.2 m3) debris collector body
  • Ejector plate unloading system
  • 2′ body raise/tilt capability
  • Internal body flush-out system

Hydro Excavation

Water System

  • 18 gpm and 3000 psi (68 lpm and 207 bar) water pump, hydraulic drive with variable flow on remote
  • Curbside water fill
  • Standard water capacity: 1500 gal (5678 L)
  • Hose reel with 100′ of 1/2″ hose (30.0m of 12.7mm)
  • Water heater capacity:  705,000 btu/hr (209kw) heater
  • Winter recirculation

Air Excavation

  • There are dual oil coolers for the compressor to provide continuous heavy duty use.
  • A Smart control system with oil temperature and air pressure monitors and safety shutdown system is included.
  • One rear air hookup point and one passenger side mounted hookup point are provided.
  • 50′ of air hose is included along with a digging lance. The digging lance and fittings come in a protective hard case.
  • Positive displacement, oil flooded, one stage rotary air screw compressor
  • Oil pump tank
  • Color control information display screen