Industrial Vacuum Cleaning

What is an Industrial Vacuum Loader?

Industrial vacuum loaders are truck-mounted industrial-strength vacuum cleaning units designed to pneumatically convey dry, slurry (semi-liquid, semi-solid), or liquid material through a vacuum hose, into a container, often mounted on the truck-mounted equipment as part of the vacuum cleaning system.

Since they offer a safe and reliable solution to cleaning up industrial waste and debris, as well as recovering and recycling valuable raw materials, industrial vacuum systems are an asset to today’s environmental protection efforts.

Their collector bodies, baghouses, vacuum pumps, and control panels are engineered for reliable and safe performance in extreme conditions, as well as for efficient maintenance.  These robust industrial vacuum loaders are extremely versatile, making them well-suited to meeting the demands associated with removing a variety of materials from a variety of locations.


A wide array of materials can be effectively vacuumed with industrial vacuum loaders.  Solids, dry bulk powders, liquids, slurries, and thick sludge can all be vacuumed successfully.

Super Products’ Supersucker® Industrial Vacuuming Systems can handle abrasives, alumina, asbestos, brick, carbon, catalysts, cement, chemicals, clay, coke, coal, dolomite, dust, fertilizer, fly ash, fluorspar, foundry sand, grain, grit slag, oxides, lime, metal chips, mill scale, oil spills, ore, paint chips, pellets, rocks, sludges, and slurries.


Truck-mounted industrial vacuum loaders can remove materials from remote or inaccessible areas, easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. The versatility of Super Products’ Supersucker® Industrial Vacuuming Systems enables them to remove materials from barges, breechings, bridges, clarifiers, collectors, cooling towers, conveyors, cranes, elevators, exhaust tunnels, flues, furnaces, heat exchangers, heavy machinery, hoppers, holds, precipitators, reactors, screen settling tanks, sewers, silos, sludge beds, sumps, spills, tanks, thickeners and tube bundles.


A host of industries rely on industrial truck-mounted vacuum loaders for the removal of materials from numerous locations.

Super Products’ Supersucker® Industrial Vacuuming Systems offer the ideal removal solution for bulk material recovery, power plants, cement plants, lime and coal plants, pulp and paper plants, chemical and petro chemical applications, foundries, mining, minerals processing, copper and aluminum manufacturing, steel mills, dust collectors, bridge painting clean-up, railway ballast removal applications, and the glass industry.