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The following is a listing of product literature currently available from Super Products. Click the desired item to view, print or download. To receive printed copies, please complete a Super Product Request Form:

Supersucker Product Line

Supersucker Spec Sheet

Supersucker Arctic Model Spec Sheet

Supersucker High Dump Model Spec Sheet

Supersucker Rail Wheel Model Spec Sheet

Supersucker Pneumatic Loading Model Spec Sheet

Durasucker Product Line

Durasucker Spec Sheet

Mud Dog Product Line

Mud Dog 1600 Spec Sheet

Mud Dog 1200 Spec Sheet

Camel Product Line

Camel 1200 Wastewater Recycling Brochure

Camel Saves Wastewater Recycling Sheet

Camel 900 Brochure

Camel 1200 Dump Body Spec Sheet

SuperJet Brochure


Super Products Parts Catalog

Spare Parts Catalog Supersucker

Spare Parts Catalog Mud Dog

General Company

Super Products Company Profile Brochure

Super Products Tri-fold