Truck Overview

Dig with Water or Air, Unload Safely

Designed for operator convenience and consistent performance in even the harshest conditions, the Mud Dog 1600 is a safe and efficient alternative to traditional digging equipment. This unit comes standard as a hydro excavator but has the option for an air excavation package to meet the challenges of a variety of applications, excavation projects, and job site conditions.

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Power System

Single Engine Design

Water System

18 gpm and 3000 psi

Vacuum System

5800 cfm/28" hg

Debris Body

16 cu yd

Optional Equipment


Air Excavation Package
185cfm x 175 psi
Acculevels® Load Sensor System
Debris body level sensor
Sludge Pump
500 gpm; mounted on rear door
Liquid Transfer Pump
300 gpm; mounted on side
Multiple Truck Chassis Options
Manual or Automatic Transmissions
Dual Tire Chain Racks
One per side
Safety Cone Rack
Grounding Device

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