Vacuum Trucks & Vacuum Loaders

With outstanding operator convenience and cost savings features, Super Products manufactures and offers the finest in truck mounted vacuum equipment.

Take for example our Supersucker® industrial vacuum loader.  We have offered the market’s ONLY original Supersucker since 1972.  Since then, we have released several other Supersucker models for various applications and jobsite settings.  We further expanded the capabilities of the Supersucker with the Durasucker® Liquid Vacuum Truck, designed for collecting and transporting liquid and semi-liquid waste.

We also offer a safe, effective alternative to traditional digging equipment in our Mud Dog® Hydro Excavators, and offer an optional Air Excavation feature for more versatility and no compromise in digging applications.

We have been designing and building sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years under our Camel® Maxxx product line, offering a variety of wastewater recycling, ejection unloading, and body dump unloading trucks.  Our Superjet® High-Pressure Jetting Machine is the ideal choice for high-pressure sewer cleaning applications.

We have been manufacturing high-quality, easy-to-use, and innovative truck-mounted vacuum equipment since 1972, and our product offerings across all of our equipment lines are second to none.

Discover the Super Products advantage today!

Supersucker® Industrial Vacuum Loaders

While others on the market may be referred to as “Supersuckers”, only Super Products offers the original Supersucker® industrial vacuum loader, which was introd [...]

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Durasucker® Liquid Vacuum Truck

From the company that created the original Supersucker, Super Products has done it again with its liquid vacuum truck – the Durasucker. Offering a powerful comb [...]

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Mud Dog® Hydro Excavators

Super Products’ line of Mud Dog® hydro excavators offer a safe, effective alternative to traditional digging equipment. And to meet the challenges of a variety [...]

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Camel Product Line

Super Products LLC has been designing, engineering and building sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years. That’s experience. And while exceptional, [...]

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Superjet® Truck Mounted High-Pressure Jetting Machine

SuperJet truck mounted Jetter specifically designed for cleaning municipal and residential sewers. [...]

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