Camel® Maxxx Sewer & Catch Basin Cleaners

Super Products LLC has been designing, engineering and building sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years. That’s experience. And while exceptional, the Camel Maxxx 1200 and 900 are no exception when it comes to the rich tradition of Super Products offering municipalities and contractors the best in sewer cleaning equipment.

Camel® Maxxx 1200 Wastewater Recycling Sewer Truck

Relying on a 6-stage filtration processed the Camel Maxxx 1200 with wastewater recycling enables ope [...]

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Camel® Maxxx 1200 Ejection Unloading Sewer Truck

Featuring industry-unique ejection unloading, the Camel® Maxxx 1200 sewer and catch basin cleaner of [...]

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Camel® Maxxx 1200 Body Dump Unloading Sewer Truck

Sharing many of the same characteristics and capabilities of the ejector model, the Camel Maxxx 1200 [...]

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Camel® Maxxx 900 Sewer & Catch Basin Cleaner

For customers preferring a smaller jetter/vacuum combination sewer cleaner, the Camel Maxxx 900 has [...]

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