Camel® Maxxx 1200 Ejection Unloading Sewer Truck

Camel® Maxxx 1200 Ejection Unloading Sewer Truck

The latest addition to Super Products’ popular line of Camel® sewer and catch basin cleaners, the Camel Maxxx 1200 offers a 1500 gallon water tank set-up and 12-yard capacity debris collector body to provide continuous, effective performance as well as many convenience and time-saving features.

The Camel Maxxx 1200 offers:

  • Front control panel used the latest in digital technology with a large 7” color digital display
  • Industry’s most technologically advanced water pump capable of 100 GPM, 3000 PSI.
  • Hose reel that extends 18” and capable of 270° rotation, lockable in any position.
  • Hot shift blower engagement now standard on the front control panel.
  • Optimal boom movement capable of 26′ reach from centerline of unit; 217° hydraulic worm gear rotation, lockable in any position; 21’  vertical lift; and 4’ downward pivot from horizontal position
  • Industry exclusive ejection unloading system for fast, thorough and safe removal of debris as well as makes tank wash downs and cleanups quicker, quicker, easier tank wash down and cleanups
  • Body-tilt feature that enables unloading debris into disposal sites that require vehicles to be in a nose down position and ensures all collected liquids are cleared quickly and efficiently

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  • Lighter weight unit design capable of carrying large payloads
  • Up to 40% reduction in fuel usage compared to dual-engine units
  • 15% lower operating rpm than other single-engine units


  • 7″ color digital display operation screen with advanced diagnostic and trouble-shooting capabilities
  • 8 button sealed keypad for vac mode/dump mode, vacuum pump engagement, vent door, vacuum booster, wastewater recycling, winter recirculation, boom lights and work lights
  • Vacuum increase/decrease dial
  • Water pressure and flow dial
  • Emergency stop
  • LED panel lights enables readability in dark environments


  • Total water capacity of 1500 gallons
  • Constructed of non-cross linked polyethylene, a repairable material if tank is ever damaged
  • 4″ rear mounted, stainless-steel crossover enables quick filling of tanks. Replenish 1500 gallon water supply in less than 10 minutes!


  • Double-acting, single piston hydraulic-powered water pump offers 1:1 oil to water ratio and rated design capacity of 100 gpm and 3000 psi continuous duty
  • Heavy-duty industrial, cast iron groove-lock water piping for maximum durability and long lasting life
  • Nitrogen-charged accumulators with on/off valve allow operators to selectively activate blockage busting feature
  • For easy serviceability, pump does not have to be removed from chassis and requires only three seals for reassembly


  • 270° manual rotation facilitates manhole entry and reduces traffic flow interruption. Rotation occurs between the headlights and in a centered position at all times, keeping the operator out of traffic
  • 18″ hydraulic extension offers maximum flexibility for manhole set-up
  • Reel capacity of 1000′ of 1″ hose or 600′ of 1 ¼” hose
  • For improved water flow efficiency, 1 ¼” plumbing from water pump to reel core
  • In addition to using the joy stick, a wireless remote can rotate the reel. Combined with the hands-free automatic level wind system, the wireless remote makes for the easiest front-reel unit to operate on the market today


  • 18″ to 27″ hg; 3500 to 6000 cfm
  • Low-maintenance vacuum pump direct shaft driven from transfer case without use of belts, poly chains or intermediate hydraulic hydrostatic systems. Efficiently transfers engine horse power to vacuum system
  • Lower engine operating rpm results in lower dba levels
  • Heavy-duty, industrial-size cyclone separator located between positive displacement vacuum pump and debris tank with a 16″ diameter clean-out door for easy maintenance. Cyclone has 2012 cubic inch internal operating size and separates down to 50 micron


  • 8″ vacuum system with a heavy-duty, channel-reinforced elbow for maximum durability. For easy replacement, the boom elbow is bolted
  • Boom offers 26′ reach from centerline of unit; 217° hydraulic worm gear rotation, lockable in any position; 21’ (44°) vertical lift; and 4’ (9°) downward pivot from horizontal position
  • 8′ hydraulic boom extension is a true telescoping “tube inside of tube” design extends and retracts without affecting vertical position of working end. Boom structural support tubes are equipped with ultra high-density polyethylene slides to reduce friction and do not require grease lubrication


  • Total debris capacity of 12 cubic yards
  • Cylindrical-shaped body constructed of abrasion and corrosion-resistant 1/4″ Exten steel for added strength
  • Four mechanical, wedge-style, hydraulically-operated tailgate latches secure rear debris tank door. Latching is accomplished by single hydraulic cylinder with mechanical linkage, separate from door open-close cylinders. Designed so tailgate will not open if hydraulic power is lost
  • Dual make/break connection between debris inlet pipe and boom will compensate for uneven road and ground conditions by way of spring loaded and gasketed mating plates –no more drips and dribbles down the front of tank
  • Debris inlet pipe constructed of heavy-duty 3/8″ thick AR steel bolted to the debris tank and can be replaced without cutting or welding to replace


Ejection – Tilt

  • Ejector plate unloading system safely and effectively removes all debris from collector body
  • Internal body flush-out system makes cleanup fast and easy at the dump site
  • Ejection system requires no high-angle elevation of the debris tank to dump the load which reduces the chance of hitting overhead obstructions
  • Ejector plate acts as a baffle to reduce load sloshing during transit and enables outstanding debris/water separation for the draining of excess liquid
  • Body-tilt feature enables unloading the unit where the front of the truck is in a nose-down position, the forward section of the debris tank can raise 24″ to assist in cleanout

Body Dump

  • The Camel 1200 is also available with an unloading method that raises the body up to a 50° angle with a telescopic hydraulic cylinder

Whether ejection or body-dump unloading, all controls for discharging debris from the collector body are located curbside of chassis cab or on the wireless remote


  • 11′ 6″ overall height results in unit having a lower center of gravity for increased stability

  • Sanitary Sewers
  • Storm Sewers
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Municipal Water Departments
  • Hydro Excavation
  • General Cleaning and Washing

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