Mud Dog® Hydro Excavators

Super Products offers a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to excavators and other traditional digging equipment in its Mud Dog® line of hydro excavators. Several models in both 16-yard and 12-yard debris capacities, as well as 1,500-2,000 gallon water tank capacities are available to meet the challenges of a variety of applications, excavation projects and jobsite conditions.

Mud Dog® hydro excavators feature the same operator convenience and ease-of-use that Super Products’ signature vacuum loaders do, as well as performance features such as ejection unloading.

Mud Dog® hydro excavators also offer the same versatility that Super Products’ other products do, with the introduction of our Air Excavation option, allowing for both water and air excavation in one unit, to always have the best application for the job, on the job.

Mud Dog 1600 Hydro Excavator

Mud Dog® 1600 Hydro Excavator

Super Products largest Mud Dog® hydro vac features a 16-yard debris body for longer on-the-job perfo [...]

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Mud Dog 1200 Hydro Excavator With Rear End Open

Mud Dog® 1200 Hydro Excavator

No ordinary 12-yard hydro vac, the 1200 was developed based on input from our most demanding custome [...]

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Mud Dog Hydro Excavator

Water or Air Excavation: Now You Don't Have to Choose.

Adding the Mud Dog’s New Air Excavation option means no more compromising. With both water and air e [...]

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