Mud Dog® 1200
12-Yard Hydro Excavator

Super Products’ 12-yard debris capacity hydro excavator – the Mud Dog® 1200 – offers several new, unique features and capabilities that can increase job site performance, operator convenience and operational cost savings.

  • 1500 gallon capacity water tank set-up
  • Water system includes 18 GPM water pump and 705 K water heater
  • Heated and insulated water return lines
  • Choice of three rear axle configurations: tandem rear axle chassis; tandem rear axle chassis with pusher axle; and tridem rear axle chassis
  • Rear-mounted boom offers impressive range of motion – capable of 19′ to 27′ reach; 335° rotation; and 45° upward / 25° downward pivot
  • Tilt-ejection unloading provides fast, thorough removal of debris from the collector body as well as ensures all liquids are cleared quickly and efficiently even when unloading in an up-slope/nose down position
  • Boom light package enables working in dark environments possible

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Power System

  • Single engine drive
  • Smart CANbus control system
  • Engine and blower tachometer
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Fuel consumption meter

Water System

  • 18 gpm and 3000 psi (68 lpm and 207 bar) water pump, hydraulic drive with variable flow on remote
  • Curbside water fill
  • Standard water capacity: 1500 gal (5678 L)
  • Hose reel with 100’ of ½“ hose (30.0 m of 12.7 mm)
  • Water heater capacity: 705,000 btu/hr (209 kw) heater
  • Winter recirculation
  • Anti-freeze system
  • Air purge system
  • Water fill strainer filter

Vacuum System

  • 8” (20.3 cm) positive displacement vacuum system offers 5800 cfm/28” hg (9854 m3/hr/0.95 bar)
  • Externally-mounted, industrial-tapered cyclone with 16” (406 mm) clean-out door
  • Vacuum pump hour meter
  • Vacuum level gauge

Boom System

  • 8’ (2.4 m) telescoping boom with 19’ to 27’ (5.8 m to 8.2 m) reach
  • 335° boom rotation with heavy-duty rubber elbow
  • 45° upward and 25° downward boom pivot
  • Remote greasing system for boom

Operator Controls

  • Wireless remote and wired pendant with 50’ (15.2 m) cord operate boom functions as well as vent door, kill switch, vacuum level, heater, water pump and dump controls

Debris Body

  • 12 cu yd (9.1 m3) debris body
  • Ejector plate unloading system
  • 2’ body raise/tilt capability
  • 14″ float ball
  • Internal body flush-out system
  • Full diameter, full opening flat rear tail
  • Hydraulically controlled tailgate latches
  • Stainless-steel, tailgate splash shield
  • Body drain valve mounted on driver side


  • Aluminum cabinet, passenger-side, polyurethane coated on lower third of inside and heated by dual 65000 btu/hr (19 kw) heaters
  • Urethane paint finish
  • Stainless rear quarter fenders
  • LED lighting package includes front strobe, rear arrow stick, stop, turn signals and running lights
  • Boom lighting package includes dual boom lights, exterior cabinet light and boom cradle light
  • Diamond-plated tool box measuring 18” x 18” x 36” (46 cm x 46 cm x 91 cm)

1.0 Debris Tank / Collector Body

1.1 Debris tank shall have a minimum total volume of twelve (12) cu. yds. (9.1 m3), 2400 gallon water capacity (9,084 L), cylindrical shaped, and constructed from 0.25″ (6.0 mm) Exten-50 steel including the rolled cylinder and front tank head.

1.2 Debris tank is emptied via ejector plate unloading. A full diameter, hydraulically operated ejector plate ejects the collected material from the debris body along with a 2’ body lift.

1.3 The rear door to be full diameter and opened with double acting hydraulic cylinders for power open and close. The door to open 90 degrees to allow easy access to the debris body interior.

1.4 Stainless Steel splash shield around lower two thirds of rear tailgate.

1.5 Controls for latching/unlatching, opening/closing the tailgate , and extending/retracting the ejector plate must be located on the passenger’s side and forward of the debris tank.

1.6 Two (2) worklights mounted on rear of unit. Switched in truck cab. One (1) strobe light mounted above the cab.

1.7 The rear door seal must be self compensating type and mounted on the door to increase seal life.

1.8 A full diameter, rear opening tailgate, top hinged, with flat construction shall be provided, fabricated of 0.25″ (6.0 mm) steel plate, and fitted with a full diameter “B” shaped neoprene gasket to ensure a water tight seal.

1.9 Five (5) hydraulic over-center, dead bolt style latches shall be provided on the rear tailgate for holding the door closed.

1.10 Remote grease system for tailgate.

1.11 Flashing arrow board on rear of unit. Controlled in truck cab.

1.12 To prevent overfilling by liquids of the collector body, one (1) 14″ dia. (355.6 mm) stainless steel float ball will be provided.

1.13 A 6″ dia. (152.4 mm) right side body mounted drain will be provided with a knifegate valve to remove water from the front of the collector body. A 6″ x 10′ (152.4 mm x 3.05 m) lay flat drain hose will be provided with cap.

2.0 Vacuum System = 28″ HG

2.1 A positive displacement trilobe vacuum pump rated at 5800CFM and 28” hg.,driven from the single chassis engine via a heavy duty OMSI transfer case mounted between the rear axle and the truck transmission.

2.2 A steel cover will shield the drive shaft between the vacuum pump and transfer case.

2.3 To engage and disengage the vacuum pump, a floor mounted mechanical lever and cable, connected to the transfer case, will be operated from inside the cab.

2.4 To reduce the dba level, a heavy-duty exhaust silencer, with a top mounted rain cap, shall be mounted to the vacuum pump. An inlet silencer shall also be included on the vacuum pump.

2.5 To achieve the second stage filtration level, a cyclone separator will be installed between the collector body vacuum outlet and the vacuum pump. A 14” cleanout door  located at the bottom of the separator.

2.6 Third stage filtration will be achieved by providing a washable pleated filter capable of containing particles sized 10 micron or larger. The filter shall be removable for easy cleaning or replacement.

2.7 To allow the operator the convenience of shutting the vacuum off and on at the inlet tube without disengaging the vacuum pump, a vacuum relief vent door shall be included and operable from the wireless remote control pendant or from the cabinet control panel.

3.0 Boom System

3.1 An 8″ dia. (203.2 mm) heavy duty vacuum hose and boom assembly shall be provided and mounted on rearward part of the collector body.

3.2 The boom assembly shall be stored at the right corner of the chassis, behind the cab for transport.

3.3 A cradle shall also be provided to support the boom during transport.

3.4 All boom functions (up/down/left/right/in/out) shall be hydraulically powered and controlled via the wireless remote control pendant. Back up controls for the boom functions shall also be provided inside the primary storage cabinet.

3.5 The boom pivot base shall be supported by a heavy duty turntable bearing assembly and rotate 335° via a hydraulic powered worm gear drive, raise and lower via two (2) hydraulic cylinders, and extend and retract 8′ (101.6 mm) via a single (1) hydraulic cylinder. Boom shall pivot down 25 degrees for an extra 8’ of digging.

3.6 To increase the operators working area, the boom arm shall extend 8′ and have a minimum 19’ to 27′ reach from the centerline of the collector body.

3.7 To reduce elbow wear, the boom pivot base design shall include an “air backed” elbow. This design allows material to wear against itself.

3.8 An 8″ dia. heavy-duty rubber hose shall be provided at the working end of the boom for connecting the boom to vacuum intake tubes.

3.9 Boom function shall be controlled by a 12 V DC hydraulic manifold valve which includes manual overrides for all functions.

3.10 Remote grease system for boom.

4.0 Vacuum Tubes

4.1 A fixed tube rack for suction tubes shall be provided and mounted to the rear tailgate and front drivers side of cabinet and have sufficient capacity to hold the following aluminum suction tubes; one (1) 8″ x 7′ tube (203.2 mm x 2.1 m); one (1) 8″ x 5′ tube (203.2 mm x 1.5 m); one (1) 8″ x 3′ tube (203.2 mm x 0.914m); one (1) 8″ x 6″ reducer (203.2mm x 152.4 mm); and one (1) 6″ x 7′ digging tube (152.4 mm x 2.1 m) with a urethane end to protect underground components from damage. Sufficient clamps and gaskets shall be provided to fit the above tubes.

  • Acculevel® Load Sensor System
  • Sludge pump rated at 500 gpm (1893 lpm) mounted on rear door
  • Liquid transfer pump rated at 300 gpm (1136 lpm) mounted on side
  • Dual tire chain racks; one per side
  • Safety cone rack
  • Heated and insulated water supplyts, exterior cabinet light and boom cradle light

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