Supersucker® Industrial Vacuum Loaders

While others on the market may be referred to as “Supersuckers”, only Super Products offers the original Supersucker® industrial vacuum loader, which was introduced in 1972. The design of the Supersucker has been improved over the years and several other Supersucker models have been developed for different applications and jobsite settings, in addition to the original standard unit.

The Supersucker® Arctic is designed for the coldest of temperatures, featuring a heated body, tailgate, and drain valves, in addition to the features of the original Supersucker.

The Supersucker® High Dump features a high dump system that allows material to be unloaded into various containers with up to a 51° dump angle.

Find the right Supersucker for your application below!


Featuring a low maintenance design, the industry’s original Supersucker offers superior air flow per [...]

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Supersucker® Arctic

A popular choice with contractors working throughout the coldest regions of North America, the Arcti [...]

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Supersucker® High Dump

The high dump system model relies on a unique hydraulic setup that allows operators to easily raise [...]

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