Supersucker® Arctic
Cold Weather Vacuum Truck

Only Super Products manufactures a vacuum truck specifically designed for use in frigid environments – the Arctic Supersucker. In addition to having the great qualities found on the original Supersucker®, the Arctic makes operation in bitter cold conditions easier by relying on heated components such as body, tailgate and drain valves. And during the last decade, the Arctic has built a solid reputation for performance throughout the coldest regions of North America.

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  • Glycol-heated collector body and tailgate
  • Heated and insulated heavy-duty tailgate drain valve
  • Hydraulic oil and hoses each rated for extreme cold
  • Hydraulic boom includes stainless steel cannon with an abrasion-resistant liner
  • Fold-down handrails mounted on the roof of collector body
  • Enclosed cabinet protects the controls from the elements
  • Dual liquid level indicators
  • LED work lights located on boom as well as the side and rear of the unit
  • Dual grounding reels and lugs
  • Cold-weather resistant wiring and pendant for boom operation
  • Extra-large 90″ toolbox


  • 38′ 6″ (11.74 m) approximate overall length
  • 13′ 1″ (3.99 m) approximate overall height
  • 8′ (2.44 m) approximate overall width


  • 18 cu yd (13.8 m3 ) payload capacity
  • 1/4″ (6.35 mm) steel construction throughout entire body and filter chambers
  • Body dumping is achieved by one heavyduty, telescopic double-acting cylinder that provides a 51° dump angle. The body, baghouses and separator chamber hydraulically raise together, allowing for quick unloading of material
  • Full opening tailgate with two lift cylinders. The hydraulic tailgate latching system is liquid tight and prevents leakage in case of hydraulic malfunction. Latches and hinges are fully adjustable


  • 8″ (20.3 cm) positive displacement vacuum system offers 5800 cfm/28″ hg (9854 m3 /hr/0.95 bar)
  • Heavy-duty transfer case drive


  • Single mode filtration enables loading of wet or dry material with no changeover required
  • Reverse air pulsation system continuously cleans the 60 snap-ring type, acrylic-coated filter bags
  • Easy filter access on top of unit for filter bag change-out; large side door access to baghouses allows for quick bag removal
  • One (1) large cyclone with large passageways for greater airflow, greater performance and greater fuel economy

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