Supersucker® High Rail

Supersucker® High Rail Vacuum Truck

Supersucker industrial vacuum loaders equipped with the optional rail wheel system offer greater versatility and performance. Inaddition to cleanups and removal of bulk material spills along rail tracks, the system allows the unit to be driven to remote locations via the tracks. The rail wheels are located on the front of the unit just below the front bumper as well as on the rear of the unit underneath the very end of the chassis frame rails. Both sets of wheels are hydraulically raised and lowered and each has their respective hydraulic controls, located adjacent to them.

The hydraulic source for these wheels is the main Supersucker hydraulic system. The front rail wheels actually raise the front chassis tires off of the ground. Once fully engaged, the front rail wheels lock into position. The rear rail wheels are lowered until they meet the rail tracks. The rear rail wheels do not raise the rear of the unit but they do align the rear of the unit onto the tracks and allow for the main drive tires to still touch the ground. The rear drive tires propel the unit just as they would if the unit were being driven on a road.

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• 35’ (10.67 m) approximate overall length

• 12’10” (3.91 m) approximate overall height

• 8’ (2.44 m) approximate overall width


• 8” (20.3 cm) positive displacement vacuum system offers 5800 cfm/28” hg (9854 m3 /hr/0.95 bar) • Heavy-duty transfer case drive


• Single mode filtration enables loading of wet or dry material with no changeover required

• Reverse air pulsation system continuously cleans the 60 snap-ring type, acrylic-coated filter bags

• Easy filter access on top of unit for filter bag change-out; large side door access to baghouses allows for quick bag removal

• One (1) large cyclone with large passageways for greater airflow, greater performance and greater fuel economy


• 18 cu yd (13.8 m3 ) payload capacity

• 1/4” (6.35 mm) steel construction throughout entire body and filter chambers

• Body dumping is achieved by one heavy duty, telescopic double-acting cylinder that provides a 51° dump angle. The body, baghouses and separator chamber hydraulically raise together, allowing for quick unloading of material

• Full opening tailgate with two lift cylinders. The hydraulic tailgate latching system is liquid tight and prevents leakage in case of hydraulic malfunction. Latches and hinges are fully adjustable.

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